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Summer Insects Watercolor

Summer. A time to slow down…enjoy the weather. A time to place a thin blanket on the ground, sit, and have lunch on the grass not a table. Soak in those rays while you’re at it! Summer is also a time for insects. It’s…

No Bugs Only Blood…Mine

I’m on a gall mission. I’m determined to find an insect in an un-evacuated gall. When I saw these shrubs covered in beautiful galls I thought I had my chance: Studying hundreds of galls with tiny holes (escape exits made by the insect) I…

Asian Ladybugs Hibernating Sketch

Oh Boy! Look what I found! It’s a cluster of Asian Ladybugs (or Lady Beetles) hibernating under tree bark: I’m currently reading a wonderful book by Bernd Heinrich titled, Winter World.  In Heinrich’s book he describes various animal techniques for survival in the winter….