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Amber Jelly Roll in the Snow Watercolor

My hikes never cease to provide surprises, even some half buried in the snow. On this cold winter day I found amber jelly rolls. Amber jelly roll (Exidia recisa), is a fungus that grows on downed twigs and limbs. Beautiful blobs of jelly they… Continue Reading “Amber Jelly Roll in the Snow Watercolor”

Amber Jelly Fungus, Lichen, and Moss, Watercolor Sketch

Beautiful parasites. Look closely at nature. There’s life everywhere. There’s a plan. Take your time when inspecting, like you have all the time in the world. Time? Throw away that watch.  Stop checking your cell phone…. Get lost in exploration. Winter has some secret… Continue Reading “Amber Jelly Fungus, Lichen, and Moss, Watercolor Sketch”