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The Bridge – Watercolor


62°F and very breezy. Somehow you don’t mind the wind when it’s mild, even if strong. I could sit here for hours.

After only a few minutes, to my surprise, a flock of ducks descend on the water. But these are no common mallards. What are they? They communicate with each other by “whisping”….whisp, whisp, whisp. It’s a cross between a whisper and a hiss. One performs some kind of walk-on-water dance. Was he impressing a female? I believe these are blue-winged teals. I watch them with great wonderment. They don’t feel my eyes prying, staring like a rude intruder.

l sit for an hour painting the bridge. I contemplate where it leads and why it was built. A smile comes across my face as I think about Easter and realize that Jesus became the bridge to unite us to God. By dying on the cross (also made of wood), he bridged the gap between sinful humans and God. In Him we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of sins, in accordance with the riches of God’s grace. [Eph 1:7] And after paying for our sins, He rose from the dead because death could not hold him. [Acts 2:24]

This act of death on a cross came at a great, painful price. A great loving price. A free gift from the Father through the obedience of the Son. If we repent and accept Him as our Savior, He promises to forgive….no questions asked…no sin too big, nor too horrible to forgive. You will be made white as snow and He will remember your sins no more. [Is 1:18]

He wants to be in your daily life. He isn’t a God who sits on a fluffy white cloud waiting to strike you down. He is love and wants to communicate with you through prayer. He also promised to never leave you nor forsake you. That’s good news especially in our tumultuous times.

The Bridge

A stranger walks towards the water and the bridge. Not only do frogs on the fringe of the pond shriek and leap for their lives into the water, but my ducks become frightened too and swim out of sight. Chorus frogs steadily call in the background.

The seen and unseen mysteries of life are fascinating. It’s all attainable, doors will open if you knock.

Happy Easter,


Blind Sketch Location, Great Event Fullersburg Woods

As a Meet-Up organizer to the Chicagoland Sketchbook Hikers group, I can schedule sketch class where ever and when ever I want, but the best part of the deal is that members can suggest a location all on their own to the Meet-Up site and create a future event.

Exciting because it is a place I’ve never been before, but a little nerve racking because it’s a place I’ve never been before, and as the sketch teacher I have no idea what we are going to sketch until I get there!


Well, this wonderful Meet-Up event suggested by Celeste, was a great idea. The group met at the nature center where we decided how brave we were, to sketch from inside or to hike and sketch outside. We were brave cookies and decided to take a chance by hiking to this lovely shelter on a tiny island at Fullersburg Woods in Oak Brook, IL.


Photo by Alanna (Christine, Donna, Jan, Alanna)

Now it was freezing, so all we could do was make a quick graphite outline and finish with color later inside the nature center. Freezing but well worth it as we had a splendid short hike to the island while discussing our love for art and nature.


We jotted down colors to remember and finished inside. These lovely sketches were done my Jan, Donna, and Alanna.


This is my sketch which I was able to scan in for better viewing.


Photo by Alanna (Alanna, Christine, Donna, Jan)

Here are our wonderful nature sketchers that braved the mean Chicago weather, to appreciate nature and take a piece home with them too!

Check out the Meet-Up site, if you are in the Chicago area maybe you would like to join?

Stream and Bridge Watercolor Sketch – Waterfall Glen


This is down stream from Waterfall Glen. You might remember last year’s sketch in the springtime. With this sketch, I tried to get layer upon layer of watercolor distant trees to convey depth. I also love the way the stream is partially frozen, the bright white ice is the paper showing through, very easy to do! I did this sketch from a photo and in the comfort of my nice warm home.


Here is the photo. Sketching outdoors if fun, but sketching from a photo has its benefits too. With this I could take my time, my paper dried fast, and enjoy a glass of wine while listening to classical music!!!

Do you prefer to sketch from a photo or en plein air and why?