Speed Demo Video Spring Sunset Soft Pastel

https://youtu.be/wTkj0VqP45k It's been a long time since you've seen a video, huh?!? Yeah, I'm slacking! Well, no more! Time to get to work. And more to come....I promise. Normally, I like to perform a step by step painting demo right in nature. It is so much more pleasant than an indoor studio, however I saw … Continue reading Speed Demo Video Spring Sunset Soft Pastel


Let’s Paint a Female Sparrow!

Oh boy! Spring is finally here, the birds are chirping like crazy, and I can't get enough of the very common house sparrow! Here is the beautiful Ms. Sparrow. Not the best most clearest picture...I admit, but watch how we turn a lemon into lemon aid! Come on....it's not as hard as you think...you can … Continue reading Let’s Paint a Female Sparrow!