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Goldfinches in their Winter Wear Watercolor – Free Download


Goldfinch feathers molt into a drab olive green/brown color for winter. Many people upon seeing them assume they are looking at sparrows. Not a few believe goldfinches migrate for the winter because they no longer see that bright, brilliant yellow signature color. Not so! They’re here in their inconspicuous attire still seeking thistle.

In case you cannot find them this winter, as my Christmas gift to you, you may copy this artwork by right clicking on the watercolor above and selecting “Save image as”.
Merry Christmas.

Winter Goldfinches

Actual photo of very hungry goldfinches outside my very dirty window. He, he, he.

Fern-like Frost

Fern-Like Frost outside my clean window. Here is proof of the magic of winter… One can zoom in and study patterns in the frost for hours. Well, I sure can!

May your holidays be filled with peace and love.


Flying Flower

Is that a flying yellow day lily?

Nah, not a flying flower but a flying male American Goldfinch! He’s looking right at us!
I love him.
He’s so bright and cheery with a pleasant song, always happy and chipper.

These next few pictures were made possible by a tripod and a camera on sports setting with rapid fire!

Ooooh, my favorite shot! Look at that wing span and the shape of the tail feather!
On this frame Mr. Goldfinch was coming in for a landing…..

Nice and steady! You did it! I love studying his form and how the individual feathers are positioned just so to allow him balance.

What a nice profile he offered us. After this shot, he began to munch on thistle seeds that I supplied in the bird feeder.

You will always find a nice meal at my house, Mr. Goldfinch!