Rose plume moth watercolor

watercolor of rose plume moth

Sometimes it’s the smallest things in life that make your day.
I just happened to notice this tiny moth as I was walking in my front door. Its thin bat like wings caught my eye. What a delicate and handsome insect.

From what I gather, July is a popular time to see them. However, all of my native flowers are blooming just a bit early. It is probably due to a very mild spring we had in the Chicago area. As the name implies, this moth feeds on rose leaves and buds. I do not have any roses growing in my yard, so perhaps this moth was just passing through.

photo of rose plume moth

More details on the rose plume moth can be found on iNaturalist.

It is so much fun to find organisms in nature and sketch them. I’ve learned a lot from practicing my art this way while documenting them in my sketchbook. And it really doesn’t matter how the art turns out…It’s the process that counts!


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