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Winter Tree Watercolors Plus Sound

Every time I begin a painting I ask myself, “What feeling are you trying to portray?” Do you remember the first time a chickadee surprised you on a tree branch? That instant feeling of delight? I want to capture that feeling and express it through the medium of… Continue Reading “Winter Tree Watercolors Plus Sound”

Summer Patio Sketch

Summer. In my area it is time for summer. That time of year when the days are long and hot, the nights are short and cool and the crickets sing a soothing song. In my backyard, I have a tiny patio with a small… Continue Reading “Summer Patio Sketch”

Sounds from the Creek

Sit back and relax, enjoy the sights and sounds from Crooked Creek: play for creek sound I went for a hike last weekend armed and dangerous with my voice recorder. I couldn’t resist stopping by the creek to get a 40 second sample of… Continue Reading “Sounds from the Creek”

The Best Nature Sounds

This one is for all my nature lovin’ friends…. I stumbled upon the greatest site, it allows you to make your own combination of nature sounds  – FREE! The site is called sound sleeping and it gives you a “Drum Sleep Aid / Relaxation tool”, with this, you can… Continue Reading “The Best Nature Sounds”