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Winter Tree Watercolors Plus Sound

Every time I begin a painting I ask myself, “What feeling are you trying to portray?” Do you remember the first time a chickadee surprised you on a tree branch? That instant feeling of delight? I want to capture that feeling and express it through the medium of… Continue Reading “Winter Tree Watercolors Plus Sound”

Winter Gray Fun Sketch

The most magical time in winter is when the sky is darker than the snow on the ground in the middle of the day. Yessss. I love it. I love looking at snowy rooftops against a gray sky as well. I remember as a kid looking out… Continue Reading “Winter Gray Fun Sketch”

Winter Tree and Snow Sketch

Whenever you’re unhappy with your own current weather conditions and you long for something else….just make your own! I love snow. I love to watch it fall, I love to hike in it, but what I love most of all is to paint snow.… Continue Reading “Winter Tree and Snow Sketch”

Stormy Night Snow Sketch

Oh how I love a winter storm at night! To hear the hollowing wind and watch the flurries take a horizontal path…brings much joy. Today it rained for the majority of the day. I woke up to rain banging at my window. On my… Continue Reading “Stormy Night Snow Sketch”