Soft Spring and Lonely Bench Watercolor


Wouldn’t you like to sit for a bit?

Actually, I would like to sit for a while. But a storm is brewing, traveling at its storm speed. So sitting will have to wait, lonely bench. I’ll come back to you. I know where you are!

Creeping Snail Watercolor


s l o w l y
He carries mud on his shell.
The cracks in the mud repeat on his skin.
I watch in envy of his leisurely demeanor.
Multitasking is overrated.
s l o w
The way to go.

I like this little guy I found crossing the paved trail in the forest preserves. I’m juvenile enough (never loose the kid in you) to give him a name…Sherman Snail.

I’m envious of his ways. Stay with me for a minute…  Sherman is basic and lives in the moment. He doesn’t juggle tasks. He has one outfit. Eats only natural things. Doesn’t pay any cell phone company $200 a month for his family. Doesn’t depend on any banks, corporations, or governments. Sherman Snail is Self Sufficient.


Go Sherman, go!

My goal is to live a minimalist, self sufficient life. To live as close to nature as possible. I have a long way to go, but with each day I feel a stronger need to pull away from the system. The problem? If you’re not wealthy, you’re stuck in your current position. You make JUST enough money to live week to week. And that’s exactly how the system is set up. To keep the debt serfs going.

Does anyone have self sufficient success stories out there? I would love to hear them!

Hawk Waits in the Midst of a Foggy Morning – watercolor sketch


He waits on bended bough.
Tilts his head and scans the ground.

I am ever so thankful for moments like these. An unexpected surprise in nature, catching me off guard, instantly uplifting my spirits. And this spirit I have is the very thing that connects to the Spirit in nature. When you’re open to it, you can feel the Spirit all around especially in nature.

Just that morning when I spotted the hawk, I read these verses about God:

The depths of the earth are in His hand,
and the mountain peaks belong to Him.
The sea is His, for He made it.
His hands formed the dry land.   Ps 95:4-5

Beauty was made for us. To provide for us and to give us joy. Nature without God is dead. How empty the thought! Random cells with no purpose? No hope… because nothing was meant to be? I’ll pass on that idea. Enjoy the blessings of nature but more importantly the One who made it.


Frigid Sun Kissed Pines Watercolor Sketch


16°F with a windchill of 2°F

The sun paints pines with toasty colors,
But does nothing to the raw wind.
The steady wind numbs.
And pine needles shave the ice.

I love warm colors in the wintertime. You especially see it right before or during sunset… the sun casts yellow, orange, and pinks on white cold snow…or reds blazing on tree bark…yet it’s frigid out. The sun gives the illusion of warmth, but our skin knows better.

Sycamore Stands Alone Winter Watercolor Sketch


Oh Winter Sycamore~
Your camouflage skin failed.
You grew it in vain.
Against the black of pine, you radiate in contrast.
But I like that unlikeness about you, your nonconformity…
Don’t hide it. Be distinct.
It’s your calling.

The sycamore tree has a very unusual bark pattern. It looks just like camouflage. From a distance you would think this tree has some snow on its branches, but it does not.

Ironically, its camouflage trait is exactly what caught my eye the day I spotted it against a thick plot of pines.

As an introverted artist, I am just like this sycamore in the poem. I hate having attention on me, I try to blend in as much as possible and be quiet, but all I do is stick out even more. Ha ha ha!

Here’s to being unique and sticking out!
Be true.