Shooting Star Wildflower Watercolor

Did you ever just happen to be staring at the night sky and be pleasantly surprised by a shooting star? That moment of being caught off guard and suddenly delighted is exhilarating. It is something you really cannot plan. Recently while hiking, I too was caught off guard by shooting stars...not in the night sky … Continue reading Shooting Star Wildflower Watercolor


Let’s Paint Woodland Phlox!

One of my all-time favorite wildflower is the Woodland Phlox. In many photos you usually see this plant as a blue cluster, however the ones I see in the woods are purple not blue. Here is my reference photo:    Isn't it a beauty? OK here we go, let's capture this wildflower in watercolors...    Step … Continue reading Let’s Paint Woodland Phlox!

Spring Woodland Wildflowers

Spring wildflowers are in bloom right now on the forest floor, but you have to hurry for they do not last long. Why? Spring wildflowers are short-lived because during the beginning of the season, the tree's leaves are not developed which allows much sunlight to penetrate the forest floor. Once the leaves mature, the forest will become … Continue reading Spring Woodland Wildflowers

Let’s Paint the White Trout Lily!

Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers out there. For your present, I am going to show you how to paint a white trout lily! Here we go.... First I'll show you my reference photo that I took in the Palos Woods, part of Cook County's Forest Preserve District, a few weeks ago. How delicate and … Continue reading Let’s Paint the White Trout Lily!

Let’s Paint a Spring Wildflower!

"Oh you're such a squill!" Try saying that to someone at work today. I did! And before they hit you say, "It means you're a really beautiful blue spring flower!" Then run if they don't believe you! Well, you can always show them this site for proof. Let's show them how to paint that beautiful … Continue reading Let’s Paint a Spring Wildflower!