Backyard Birds Sketch

I love my backyard. It's my little oasis, a place to escape to and run away from the world. I run away often. I sometimes just sit on the dirt in my garden and watch the bumble bees and birds. Here is a photo from over the weekend: If I am real still, the male american … Continue reading Backyard Birds Sketch


Let’s Paint a Phoebe Nest with Babies!

Before we begin, let me show you what else I found in the Teason Woods, part of Chicago's  Cook County Forest Preserves. Starting on the yellow trail heading west, I immediately encountered a scarlet tanager: here is another view: Isn't he sooooo beautiful? I just love him. So bright and tropical looking! I did not … Continue reading Let’s Paint a Phoebe Nest with Babies!

Hidden Pond Sketch

No, this isn't a crazy green mess. This sketch contains a hidden pond, matter of fact, that is the name of the place I sketched it from: Hidden Pond Woods - Hickory Hills, IL. A nice tiny little get-a-way with a tiny little pond. Can you find it? We visited this place at the end of last year and on another … Continue reading Hidden Pond Sketch

Let’s Hike at the Orland Grasslands

Oh boy! Let's go for a walk at the Orland Grasslands, part of Chicago's Cook County Forest Preserves. I wonder what we will find... This day was overcast, warm and humid. One great thing about an overcast day is that all of the colors seem to pop out. Green grass is greener and wildflowers are … Continue reading Let’s Hike at the Orland Grasslands