Spring Woodland Wildflowers

Spring wildflowers are in bloom right now on the forest floor, but you have to hurry for they do not last long. Why? Spring wildflowers are short-lived because during the beginning of the season, the tree’s leaves are not developed which allows much sunlight to penetrate the forest floor. Once the leaves mature, the forest will become shaded and growth will not be tolerated. By the way, as soon as the tree’s bud begins to explode with growth (and they just started to, these last few days) it will not take long to hide the sun. So hurry!

If you cannot get out, for whatever reason…I will bring the wildflowers to you!

Spring Beauty
Dutchman's Breeches
Squirrel Corn
Siberian Squill

I hope you like these little spring wildflowers! I’m thinking this weekend we will do a step-by-step wildflower painting!

Happy Spring!


  1. They’re all so lovely. I totally get you on the “strike while the iron’s hot” aspect of Spring blooms. I was just regretting (today) that I didn’t manage to get out & photograph the prolific azaleas throughout my town before they started dying off. Too late now. <:(

  2. Lana: Bummer! I hate when that happens. Last year I completely missed all of the spring wildflowers so this year I made sure to get out there!

    Cindy: They’re coming! Just beneath the surface I bet! Hold on a little longer, it’s worth the wait.

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