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Misty Sketch at Swallow Cliff

To play in the midst of mystery, when fog descends and things are not what they appear to be….oh how much fun there is to be had in nature! In the Chicago area during the early evening hours, we were greeted with a dark… Continue Reading “Misty Sketch at Swallow Cliff”

Hike at Palos Woods and Sketch

Today I took a quick hike at Palos Woods. Freezing rain? No problem! During the first five minutes of my hike I heard something wonderful…the creeking of tree limbs. What a distinct sound, created by wind, that broke the silence on this quiet winter afternoon!… Continue Reading “Hike at Palos Woods and Sketch”

See Me at the Little Red Schoolhouse Art Show

Hello Nature Friends! Next Sunday from 9-5pm, October 4th, I will be at the Little Red Schoolhouse Art Show which is being held at Swallow Cliff Woods North due to ongoing construction at the schoolhouse. Swallow Cliff Woods North: about one block west of LaGrange… Continue Reading “See Me at the Little Red Schoolhouse Art Show”

Overwhelmed by Green Sketch

I took a few vacation days from work and today decided to get in a quick watercolor sketch. For just about an hour, I stopped at Swallow Cliff Woods North, part of Chicago’s Cook County Forest Preseve  Zone #7. OK, I’m only human. I… Continue Reading “Overwhelmed by Green Sketch”