Smallest American Falcon Sketch plus Sound

Male American Kestrel watercolor sketch


European Kestrel call (similar to American but lower pitch) by Dobroide from Free Sound Project.

Leaving work early one day last week, I stepped outside and something flew over my head at high speed shouting, “yip, yip, yip, yip, yip, yip”. What the heck? I ran to my car which just happened to have binoculars in it (that never happens) and there he was, a strikingly beautiful male American Kestrel.He perched on top of a pole from the roof and flicked his tail up and down, up and down, constantly.

The kestrel is the smallest American falcon, about the size of a robin. What’s the difference between a falcon and hawk? Size and the way they kill their prey; falcons are small and are able to break the neck’s of prey with their beak, hawks are large and break necks with their talons. Winter is an excellent time to spot raptors due to the bare trees!


On the right hand side of this page, you may have noticed a Facebook icon for “Let’s Paint Nature”. This is a public page. My goal is to allow you, the viewer, to upload a scan or photo of a step-by-step painting that you have tried. I want to see them!!! After clicking the “like” button, on the Let’s Paint Nature Facebook page, write a note and click “attach”, after uploading complete, click “let’s paint nature + others” and you will be able to see your painting.

One rule: paintings must either be a step-by-step or nature related (landscape, flora, fauna, etc). No portrait paintings and no nudity. Inappropriate material will be discarded.

Let’s see your nature paintings!


  1. I can’t “like” your page (since I only have a biz page & not a personal acct.,) but I added your page to my page’s faves. 😉 LOVE the kestrel, btw. Both your painting and in general. 🙂

  2. Alan: Yes! I love the Cornell site for bird identification! They sometimes offer multiple calls, which is really helpful. Thanks!

    Lana: Thanks for adding facebook favorite page! And thank you for the kind comment on painting.

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