Blustery Day at Maple Lake Sketch

Blustery Day at Maple Lake watercolor and micron

 I stopped by Maple Lake with good intentions on completing a watercolor sketch. I got as far as a pencil sketch when my white and red fingers couldn’t take it any longer….HEAT, they need heat! I grabbed my stuff and ran to the car…I’ll finish at home.

I wasn’t prepared and did not have the right kind of winter clothing for this blustery spring day.

How wimpy I was due to my human costume. The newly migrated tree swallows didn’t mind the weather one bit. I tried counting several times as I watched them effortlessly skim just above the surface of the water at high speeds…15…18…20…I’m sure there were more. Not only are humans wimpy, they’re slow too. Well, I know I am.

Maple Lake wasn’t the only place for action, I watched a robin take a bath in a parking lot puddle. The puddle was a gift from last night’s ferocious thunderstorms. How the rain does bless the earth and its inhabitants! And I say, “Glory to God.”


  1. Very nice sketch. Our water is very high after the tremendous thunderstorms and I can relate to your drawing. Is it creeping in the door? Still cold and windy! Just another Indiana Spring.

  2. Linda: Oh wheeeennnnnnnn will spring get to our area?!? I feel your pain as well, hoping for a sunny day 😀

    jwms1: Thanks so much! Happy Easter to you as well.

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