Autumn Winds Sketch


Autumn Winds & Color watercolor sketch

The wind, being an advocate for winter, wants to strip the autumn trees clean. I the observer, while appreciating the forces of nature, want to retard this process.

My power? Watercolors.

I cannot bribe one leaf back on a branch, but I can record this day and the brilliant colors left…even if for only a while.

That’s what the artist does, savors a moment in time and makes it eternal…or as long as his materials last at least. And this is what you can do as well. Grab a small journal, some paints, and off you go. It’s really, really, really not as hard as you think!
Go ahead, get lost in the season.


6 responses to “Autumn Winds Sketch

  1. Well written: your description of the wind as an advocate for winter is unique and poetic.

    Steve Schwartzman

  2. I enjoyed both the sketch and the comments!

  3. Hello, how wonderful these sketchs are. Sure wished I lived close by to enjoy your classes.

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