Chukar Partridge Photos and Sketch


This chukar partridge was spotted by my cousin Jackie, who called me and asked, “Do you have your camera?!? GET OUTSIDE!!!”

So I ran.


What are you doing here Mr. Chukar? You live on the western part of the US year round and you do not migrate…this is Chicago!

Hey, anybody from Nevada, Utah, Oregon, Washington?  I HAVE YOUR BIRD! hahahaha.


The big monster (me) is noticed by the chukar, so he lies low.

I still see you.

chukar watercolor sketch

Anyway, I sketched this from my photos to document this bird. I do not know why he is in this area. Maybe someone brought him and released. I wish him luck as it will be very cold soon. Maybe he can find his way home.


  1. These guys are commonly raised and released for hunts, shoots, and dog training. I believe out west they’re considered non-native invasive species out west. I think they are native to europe and Asia. I’ve heard that they are tasty.


    1. Thanks Tom!
      “..hunts, shoots, and dog training…” 😦 😦 😦
      I’m not a vegetarian, but if I had to kill my own food I would instantly become one. I’m not against hunters as well…to each his own, but to my poor, poor chukar friend: I’m glad I painted you while I had the chance xoxo.

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