Autumn Storm at Night Sketch


Against the blackened sky
The autumn leaves illuminate
Raindrops pelt, weighing heavy,
Until the struggle is no more…
A descending swirl – the last dance.

Getting swept up in the season last night, I made this sketch.
When my daughter came home she yelled, “I HATE THIS WEATHER!” Then slammed the door.
“Funny…” I said, “I love it so much I’m painting it right now!”

I have always loved inclement weather especially during my favorite season. There is something mesmerizing about autumn leaves against a dark sky, as if they were on fire. And the force of a storm….strenght…something to revere.


  1. jwms1: Than you so much!

    Barb: Yes, it does make it fun! Poetry and art go sooooo well together!

    Matt: Thank you! Yes, night scenes are much different…and so much fun to do 😀

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