Let’s Paint an Orange Kitty – Watercolor

Today, we are going to paint an orange kitty using watercolors. Pretty simple, but the end might scare you. Don't let it! You can do this. I am using Hahnemühle's Leonardo 280 lbs matt watercolor paper, a heavy weight thick wonderful watercolor paper with much texture. In each frame I wanted to have a picture of … Continue reading Let’s Paint an Orange Kitty – Watercolor


Kitty Graphite Wash

I decided to change up my mediums and practice sketching with something other than watercolors. General's Sketch & Wash pencil (made in the USA, yeaaaaaah!!!) is a nice change of pace and I highly recommend it as a quick, yet fun sketching tool. It acts just like a pencil, however it is watersoluble, which means you … Continue reading Kitty Graphite Wash

Purring Kitty Drawing plus sound

My crooked eared little kitty closes her eyes, nods her head, purrs ever so softly, and falls fast asleep. rumble rumble rumble rumble....... Oh how I love when she does that! I can sit and listen to her for hours. It is a great stress reliever. Maybe you are allergic to cats and cannot be around … Continue reading Purring Kitty Drawing plus sound

Scaredy Cat Sketch

My kitty(normally a house cat), likes to come with me in the backyard on the mornings I don't have to work. We sit together enjoying a hot cup of coffee and nature. On this particular day, a tiny house wren saw my kitty and let out the most annoying alarm call which would not shut off for anything! My … Continue reading Scaredy Cat Sketch