Dried Winter Wildflower and Weeds Sketch


Last week I ordered the book, Weeds and Wildflowers in Winter, by Lauren Brown. I can never have enough field books. I’m a field book addict πŸ˜‰
Anyway, what did I have to do immediately?!? Collect some samples of course!


Here are my samples. The first one is Aster, the next two I have no idea. I’m guessing the middle one might be Blue Vervain? If anyone can recognize the last two, please leave a comment…thank you!

How much fun it is to go exploring looking for samples to sketch! Try it and make memories in your sketchbook!

11 Comments on “Dried Winter Wildflower and Weeds Sketch

  1. I consulted with a wonderful and very knowledgeable gardening/ wildflower friend and she said, “The last one could be Verbesina virginica but I am not certain about the middle one. It could be Verbena hastata.”
    Lovely paintings. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Very nice! It reminds me of exploring nature when I was a girl. I would love to do that again!

  3. I wonder where you got those samples, Christine? Were you in a prairie, in your backyard, in woods somewhere? Please tell me so I can go and get some, too. Thanks!

  4. I sometimes think your best paintings are the ones with hand-written labels and notations. It’s a combo with tremendous visual appeal– great job!! : )

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