Dried Winter Wildflower and Weeds Sketch


Last week I ordered the book, Weeds and Wildflowers in Winter, by Lauren Brown. I can never have enough field books. I’m a field book addict 😉
Anyway, what did I have to do immediately?!? Collect some samples of course!


Here are my samples. The first one is Aster, the next two I have no idea. I’m guessing the middle one might be Blue Vervain? If anyone can recognize the last two, please leave a comment…thank you!

How much fun it is to go exploring looking for samples to sketch! Try it and make memories in your sketchbook!


  1. I consulted with a wonderful and very knowledgeable gardening/ wildflower friend and she said, “The last one could be Verbesina virginica but I am not certain about the middle one. It could be Verbena hastata.”
    Lovely paintings. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I wonder where you got those samples, Christine? Were you in a prairie, in your backyard, in woods somewhere? Please tell me so I can go and get some, too. Thanks!

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