Sketch Class Results Hammel Woods

20130707_groupJan, Catherine, Christine, Donna, Debby, Alanna (front)

My MeetUp group: Chicagoland Sketchbook Hikers, meets all over the place. That’s the goal, especially since the Chicago area (you might not realize) has a ton of preserved land which is a refuge, an oasis, shall we say for souls like ourselves that need to connect with nature.


Last Sunday we met at Hammel Woods in Shorewood, IL. A short distance from the parking lot, we reach a section of the DuPage River and set up camp.


Some were comfortable sitting…


Alanna likes to stand…


And some of us just like the good old ground!


Whichever way was comfortable was good enough for us and produced the most amazing pieces of art!!!

Even though this day was rather warm and super humid, it was worth it. And now we will remember it forever in our sketchbooks. ❤


Here is a close up. Notice everything is not detailed, just certain spots here and there. This is an important idea in sketching, quick, not complicated, and loose.

Go ahead, escape to your oasis and try this yourself!


  1. I love seeing each person’s style in capturing their surroundings. These are refreshing to look at, as I imagine Hammel Woods must be.

  2. I live in Arizona but am from Chicago. I love your postings! Very inspirational to say the least! Thank you, Ann

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