Blessings and Fears at Bullfrog Lake


Clouds are rolling in from the northwest.
Diffused sunlight still sparkles and dances on top of Bullfrog Lake, despite all of the clouds.

It is a pleasant and cool breeze which brushes up against my skin and refreshes me. The same breeze that plays music in between the leaves on top of the trees.
And maybe still, it is the same breeze which triggers a deep contemplation…

So I ask the question… No, I actually write the question in my pocket notebook…

“What do you want me to see, Lord?”

Just then, the most menacing, gigantic thing (3 inches), which looks like it could take me out, lands on my arm and walks around. Lands on my ARM. God has humor.


I’m scared. It’s bigger than cute fuzzy moth from the other day, really mean looking and powerful, so I have to ask, “Lord, do you want me to pass out right here?”

Then I remember a verse that has been on my mind lately…
” Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.” 1 Thes 5:18

Okay, I am thankful for Your creature. I don’t know what it is, I don’t know what its purpose is and that’s fine, I don’t need to have answers right now, I rest in knowing You do know every. breathing. thing’s purpose.

Funny…I am no longer scared.

It jumps off my arm, onto my sketch, and then flies away.

The breeze continues to blow. Blades of grass wiggle all around me. I am filled with glee. I take a deep breath and fill my lungs with blessings. My heart sings and I am content.

Paint and pray without ceasing,

(UPDATE: Insect is a wasp, Cicada Killer Wasp, Sphecius speciosus. Kills cicadas, not humans.)



  1. I’m old. I know. I think I missed something here. I didn’t see a sketch – or was that a sketch? I see a sketch under the cicada (love those bugs!!!) But I loved the posting and it helped me, too.

    1. Alanna, I readjusted the size of the sketch…I believe it was too big and causing problems. Also….that’s NOT a cicada…it’s a monstrous WASP…its name is the Cicada Killer Wasp, because it kills cicadas. Hahaha!!! lol
      Thank you for letting me know about the sketch.

  2. Beautiful sketch!!! Oh, I misunderstood – I thought it was a Cicada that was a wasp that killed I couldn’t figure out what but didn’t kill people – which was all that was important to me since it was so close to you!! I really do love your online journal – I like reading back to some of your older posts – this blog is very inspirational. Thanks for keeping it up!!!

  3. I love your soul! I try to be in that space also. It is amazing fear, frustration, and anxiety fade away when we invite Him into the situation.

  4. That wasp should be quite busy this year, as cicadas are in one of their 17-year cycles of coming out of the ground. We’ve not seen (or heard) many here, though. I do love that God has given us humor, and peace came to you when you prayed. He’s amazing.

  5. YOU WERE THE FIRST TO REPORT THE WASP SIGHTING! Today it’s all over the Tribune. This is exciting! I understand they grow to be 2 feet long and the Japanese are making a horror film about them! “The Killer Wasps Invades Chicagoland!!!”

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