Not So Hidden Pond Watercolor Sketch


The blanket of snow tried to quiet you…but you wouldn’t have it.
With frozen branches and stiff grasses,
Your clamor wont quit!
Oh frozen woods on thaw…make your sound bellow!

This is Hidden Pond. In the winter time it is not so hidden. And on a day like yesterday it was fully exposed as a mighty wind roared through the oaks playing tag as it seemed with the branches. How fun!

I fully intended on setting aside time to hike. As the day wore on, time ran away from me and I realized there was little left. This visit to Hidden Pond seemed to satisfy my craving and calm my nerves.


In this picture horseback riders pass the pond.

The holidays are over. Unfortunately, I have let much time slip. I could tell. I could tell in my mood, in my restlessness, in my lack of focus. Time to gain some control and get back to connecting through painting and prayer.


  1. That was a beautiful Prayer Painting Christine – simple yet profound. I hope you felt Spirit move within you as I did when I read your prayer poem and gazed at your painting. Thank you for your post.

  2. I think your lovely sketch is a prayer– both a prayer for the peace that only God can give, and an offering back to God, one created with your God-given talents. A very powerful prayer indeed.

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