Sketch Class Results Blackwell Forest Preserves


This is Silver Lake at the beautiful Blackwell Forest Preserves in Warrenville, IL. To celebrate nature and soak in all the serene sensations it provides, a few of us met here to create. Just mere pigment, paper, and water, but oh so much more to the artist who connects with nature!


And connect we did. Together, but yet each in our own world when painting.


Note to self: Must get a recliner like this one!


I love when members work with their own preferred media. Charcoal is challenging because you are using one color. It really makes you concentrate on different values. Great exercise.


Imbedded in each our own translation, but together a gorgeous representation of Blackwell.


A close up of my finished sketch. I am so thankful for this blessing and the ability to share with others.


We made time for a hike up the hill and when we reached the top we could see all across the land.


As far as the eye could see, we counted 17 village water towers. Many butterflies competed for our attention as we stood with one hand shielding our eyes, trying to see miles away. But the butterflies were whispering, “Right here. We’re right here, look down!”

I hope you enjoyed this little get a way to Blackwell. Maybe you can set aside some time this weekend for your own little celebration with nature?


  1. I feel like I’ve just had a very refreshing tour! The picture of all the sketches laid out is very cool– and I like the one of the person checking the ol’ arm for mosquitos! Thanks for sharing, Christine! : )

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