Finally Finches at Feeder Watercolor Sketch


After hanging the feeder at my new residence and watching not one single guest partake for 4 WEEKS….finally….a pair of American Goldfinches happily dine and I in the window, happily watch with a big silly grin from ear to ear.

So I start to wonder. How does a bird find a new feeder? By sight? By smell? And why does it take so long?

According to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology:
“They are drawn to feeders because they see the seed, see or hear other birds feeding, have learned a “search pattern” for bird feeders, or are very inquisitive and investigate new things on their territory or along their migratory route. Seed eating birds do notice other birds at feeders–by sight and sound–and join them.”

Welcome friends. I’ve waited patiently. No not really, ha ha ha!


Now go tell your friends where to get a good meal.


  1. What a beautiful watercolor!!!
    You show your photo, but, more so, illustrate your fundamental equation:
    (your photo) + (your GOLDEN magic) = WOW!!!
    How appropriate that your first birdy visitors were Goldfinches. Of course, they and Mother Nature were leaving a commentary on your GOLDEN magic.
    And talk about synchronicity!!!
    I had planned for my next purchases: a bird-seed feeder and a hummingbird feeder.
    And I’ve learned from you that I have to be prepared to wait a while for my fine feathered friends to show up, and then to chirp chirp to all their good friends about where the new goodies are.
    Thank you,

    1. Hi Larry!
      I hope you get a flock of new visitors to your feeders. Have patience! It’s worth the wait and it feels soooooo good to provide for them. I’m sure they’ll tell their friends!
      Thanks for the kind words,

  2. Bolingbrook finches are fussy! I’m putting a sign on my feeder and sending them to your house.

  3. Lovely sketch, Christine. The bird-find-feeder equation is a mysterious one. I hardly saw a feathered friend all last winter– then a whole bunch of them showed up in the spring. Weird, but a delight when they appear! : )

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