Mulberry Watercolor Sketch


I’ve discovered three mulberry trees in my new backyard. Two on one side dividing the property line and one dividing the other. I didn’t realize it was a mulberry until the berries developed.

Having a hunch this was mulberry, before I ate, I armed myself with a field guide to edible plants. Confirming, I partook in the most delicious free berries provided by my loving Father.

Please always double and triple check that the berries in the wild are safe before eating. Check leaf pattern too and do not rely solely on the look of the berry.

Anyway as I was eating my step daughter came out and was appalled. Flailing her arms and running towards me she screeched, “What the heck are you doing?!?”

I responded, “I’m eating mulberries. Look they’re safe.”
Then I showed her proof in the field guide.

In disgust she said, “I would NEVER! EWW. GROSS!”

Showing her PROOF AGAIN, I could not change her mind.

Then my neighbor came out and overheard our conversation and responded, “Oh we eat them all the time.”

Step-daughter pipes up, “Oh really? Cool!”
And begins to scarf them down.

I laughed because I have proof, but she believed practically a STRANGER.

Ha ha ha! Oh well, I’m thankful my neighbor came out and we were able to introduce this gem to the next generation!


  1. hi, would you mind telling us that read your blog the region you are located in? I live in Massachusetts on Cape Cod and in Maine and eat mullberries but are they ripe now?

    1. Sure! I’m in the Chicago area. Zone 5. This year we got a really late start because our winter was extremely long and bitter cold. I have not tracked mulberry times for ripeness before, so I do not know if it’s early, on time, or late. Happy mulberry hunting!

  2. Ah.. mulberries. I live in Florida, and when I was a kid, MANY years ago,
    we would go to Indiana every summer to visit relatives. I have great memories of sitting up in the mulberries trees and eating until I could not
    eat anymore! And my shirt would be all stained. We brought some trees
    to Florida, they grew and are beautiful trees, but never had fruit. : ( Enjoy!

    1. Wonderful memories! I know what you mean about the staining…they stain fingers too! ha, ha, ha πŸ˜€
      Here’s wishing those mulberries in FL will one say surprise you and fruit!

  3. Yesterday my son asked me if he should chop down his mulberry tree because the berries were making a mess – I told him NO! If he doesn’t want the berries, the birds sure do. I’m glad I convinced him to let it be where it is. I just use a little bleach on my white privacy fence and that cleans it up just fine!

  4. Wild berries and summer– that’s the stuff beautiful childhood memories are made of!

    Yes, why do we disdain proof offered by those close to us, and look to strangers for “truth”?? Ah, the perversity of human nature… : )

    Lovely sketch– you make it look so easy!!

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