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For the Love of Winter Trees


Winter brings out the true character of a tree, exposing every branch, every twig. It reveals the very essence, divulges hidden secrets, and leaves you in a trance as you try to follow one branch with your eyes…from the trunk to the very tip of its tiniest twig. It’s a challenging maze and no two trees are the same.

It is perhaps that challenge of recreating the spirit of the tree on paper which brings me so much joy, but I can only fully understand it in the wintertime. Exposed and silent, it confesses that spirit and somehow I feel as if I’m communicating with its Creator.

That is the mystery of art. Although done in solitude, you are not alone. Your creativity begins a conversation with nature and with God and the best part is, they speak in return.

This apple tree had the setting sun turn selected twigs a golden yellow, while others blushed with rose, and yet a few had a cobalt glow. A downy woodpecker feasted on the suet cake at the feeder, filling up before twilight. That’s the story it told me.

On another day, I chose to study this mulberry tree by drawing in graphite with branch pencils my daughter gave me for Christmas.

Branch pencil art

Neat pencils! It’s like I’m drawing a branch with a branch.

Branch pencil art

This winter mulberry tree has a hard lean to the right. Most of it’s branches grew from the right side. To the left of the mulberry tree is a thick evergreen tree. There is  struggle for sunlight, resulting in the mulberry’s shape and that’s the story the mulberry tells me.

Let’s go out and paint nature, but more importantly let’s hear the stories nature is trying to tell us. Enjoy.


Mulberry Watercolor Sketch


I’ve discovered three mulberry trees in my new backyard. Two on one side dividing the property line and one dividing the other. I didn’t realize it was a mulberry until the berries developed.

Having a hunch this was mulberry, before I ate, I armed myself with a field guide to edible plants. Confirming, I partook in the most delicious free berries provided by my loving Father.

Please always double and triple check that the berries in the wild are safe before eating. Check leaf pattern too and do not rely solely on the look of the berry.

Anyway as I was eating my step daughter came out and was appalled. Flailing her arms and running towards me she screeched, “What the heck are you doing?!?”

I responded, “I’m eating mulberries. Look they’re safe.”
Then I showed her proof in the field guide.

In disgust she said, “I would NEVER! EWW. GROSS!”

Showing her PROOF AGAIN, I could not change her mind.

Then my neighbor came out and overheard our conversation and responded, “Oh we eat them all the time.”

Step-daughter pipes up, “Oh really? Cool!”
And begins to scarf them down.

I laughed because I have proof, but she believed practically a STRANGER.

Ha ha ha! Oh well, I’m thankful my neighbor came out and we were able to introduce this gem to the next generation!