Study of Acorns in Watercolor Pencil and Ink


I like to change my medium up a bit by experimenting with other forms. For these acorns, I started with a water soluble pencil, then added color with a few watercolor pencils, lastly sepia ink with a pen nib and well.


I think this one is my favorite. It’s a bur oak acorn with a weevil hole.


This is the tiniest of them all. Little nut and cap. Little color, little ink, which I think works just fine.

Speaking of weevil hole….


Oh my!
I collected the acorns a week ago, but did not have time to draw them so I placed the acorns in this glass votive cup and placed them to the side. To my surprise a week later, when I dumped out the acorns, I found 4 tiny ALIVE weevil larvae were squirming at the bottom. I had no idea.


  1. As a former tchr., your post reminded me of my taking my 1st graders out on a nature walk–we went to look at an oak tree every season one year. We, too, collected acorns to study, and yep, we, too, ended up with weevils all over the place–it just added to our continuing science study, but I was pretty grossed out!

  2. The acorn makes a great subject. I recently bought a pen nib and ink to try. I like how you used it here. Now you must paint the weevils! πŸ˜‰ I’m glad they stayed in the votive cup!

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