October Sunrise Watercolor


My consecration.
How do I pause morning and partake this very moment without your desertion?
Rescue my heart and stay a bit longer…

Oh, but you can’t.

I will trap you with color and mix you with water and embed you in paper.
My feeble attempt of ensnaring.
A way to consecrate.
That which I adore.


Sometimes a moment grabs you so hard, that you will do anything to savor it. That’s how I felt when I saw this magnificent scene. I would do anything to keep it.

It is my romance with nature that drives me to my sketchbook.

I’m hoping you have a passion for something that brings positive energy to your life. Don’t lose it! Life is too short.

If you are interested in a print or greeting card of “October Sunrise”, you can find it on the new Artwork for Sale page.


  1. Today I am attending a composition class with other artist friends. We are bringing photos that inspire us . when I awoke, this was the first email I opened because I love seeing your work and just looking at what you’re up to like checking in with a friend. This poem and your note about capturing the beauty we see was so perfect. I sent it to my friends plus a copy back to myself so I can enjoy it again and again. It really says it all. I wish I had written it. Happy painting..love marcia in Modesto,Ca. Thank you for sharing.

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