To Give Life – Free Artwork – Merry Christmas


We have traveled together on this journey called life. Sometimes it’s joyous, sometimes it’s scary, for nobody has answers in their pocket. We take one day at a time and observe. We grow, move towards that which builds us, edifies us, and makes us wise. We veer clear of things that harm, that hurt. I guess that’s how to do this thing called life.

One thing that I have observed is that life is short. My dear friend, Sharon, reminds me that all the time (rest in peace Sharon, you are missed). And that you’ll be able to take nothing with you when you go. Not even your physical accomplishments.  A sobering thought.

Another thing I observed is that the best things in life are free. Even more so if it dearly costs the giver.

My gift to you this Christmas is artwork.
Click here for free artwork (.PDF file):
“To Give Life”
watercolor on 140lb coldpress paper

To be honest it really didn’t cost me much. An hour of sitting still at the most. But my prayer for you this season is that you would know the True Giver that gave His life for you.  Christ came not to judge you or make you feel guilty, but to die for you, and be a sacrifice for your sins to make you whole. Clean before God.

A free gift. That which cost the Giver much…out of love.

2 Cor 5:21
God made him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.

The only thing we can give is our repentance and faith. Nothing we have in this world matters except for that.

I hope you enjoy this free artwork. Feel free to pass it along.
Have a wonderful holiday with family and friends.


  1. Thank you for the beautiful artwork and your generosity. I treasure your beautiful and holy thoughts just as much. Merry Christmas!

  2. Thank you Christine.
    An inspiring picture inviting us forward into the future.
    Perhaps it is not what we can’t take with us that is important, rather it is what we leave behind. I am planning to see the movie Mr Turner which helps me realise the value that artists share when they help us see the world more clearly.
    Your paintings will always be a part of how I see the world. Thank you and have a great Christmas/New Year.


  3. Thank you very much indeed, Christine, and please excuse my late visit. I’ve downloaded your lovely painting, and I shall treasure it. It will remind me of all the really important things, as you’ve stated so eloquently in your message. Thanks for being such a good influence, and for using your gifts and insights to help spread the Good News. A belated Merry & Blessed Christmas to you, and a wish for many blessings in the new year!

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