Hidden Lake and a Strange Tree Sketch


cloud and mist

When cloud and mist subtract vivid color,
and strips loudness from the landscape,
A submissive hush befalls.

Nature takes notice.

Dried goldenrod, past its prime,
quakes tenderly in the silence.
A strange tree stands alone.

His poetry comes to life.

As daylight slips away from my grasp,
I bargain, but it’s no use.
Dusk silences me.
My submissive hush befalls.

Last weekend I had the chance to make a quick getaway to Hidden Lake. The scene was so beautiful, so delicate, so spellbinding, that when I was done painting I had to write this short piece. Not really a poem, nothing rhymes, but a deeper level of feeling a moment, translated into words on paper. A prayer.

This quick time-out was just what I needed to connect and recharge my batteries for the coming week. As I grow older, I find I need this more and more. And I find myself slipping further from the expectations that corporate society has on me to run the rat race and be stuck on that treadmill that leads to nowhere. Contentment without things. Oooo the secret the credit industry doesn’t want you to know.

My prayer is that you too can find an oasis, even for just 10 minutes, so that you can connect and recharge as well and get back to what’s really important.


  1. You are a creative spirit after my own heart. As i read you, it was a though I were reading my own thoughts, my own sentiments. Thank you for posting this most intimate part of your soul.

  2. That lake is hidden no longer, since you showed it to my Soul. I surely hope you’re collecting your beautiful poetry and will, someday, publish it in book form. It’s sensitively, emotionally powerful.

    1. I love that I can show a place to your soul….from miles away! I hope it is nourishing to you. Thank you for your sweet comment and suggestion on the poetry book. I think that’s a goal I shall strive for next year. 😉

  3. Your words are always as beautiful as your paintings. And, yes, what you write is poetry. I attached my this year’s Christmas poem. (Writing inspirational/sacred poetry is my passion and joy.) I hope you like it. Thanks for sharing your heart and your love for God. ________________________________________

    1. Thank you Karen, with heartfelt thanks. Your words mean a lot to me! I’m sorry, I could not find an attached poem. I would love to read it!!! Can you send it to my email?? With permission I can copy it and paste it in the comment here.

    2. Here is Karen’s beautiful poem:


      On this globe of Earth
      His chosen site,
      Snowed down on them
      One holy night:

      With flurries of white angel wing
      Listen still; You’ll hear them sing-
      Of night God shook, turned upside down
      The “wisdom” of that tiny town.
      (When humblest baby donned the crown.)

      And all that night of upside down
      God blanketed unholy ground:
      With fall of mercies from above,
      (‘Twas covered up with Father love.)
      And age-old wails of guilt and grief
      Hushed into lullabies of peace.
      Today this globe
      His chosen site
      Lay cracked and bleeding
      Every night.

      But now as then, His Name confess
      He’ll cover pure our sinfulness
      With promise not all storms to cease
      But in their midst



      Karen Ganon

  4. Very beautiful sketch, Christine– it absolutely radiates tranquility and peace. Wonderful reflections!– really excellent. I, too, seem to need more “time away” as I get older. Definitely good– essential– for the soul. Merry Christmas, and God bless and keep you thruout the coming year! : )

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