East Branch DuPage River Watercolor Sketch


East Branch DuPage River
Churchill Woods
40°F  Calm

A mild temperature cultivates an ideal setting for wildlife. There seems to be no end this day, as I notice abundant wildlife everywhere. Sitting next to the quiet river, a gaggle of geese tranquilly bobs up and down. Suddenly, half of them take flight for reasons unknown. The heavy beats of their wings splashes the top of the water, creating excitement like electricity in the once quiet air. I watch in slow motion as they accelerate in height as well as speed.

Looking up, a kettle of hawks glide on the thermals spiraling downward. Some screech as they glide making this human envious of their freedom.

Deer litter the field along the trail. They are hesitant while staring at me, feeling me out. They are quiet, gentle giants, giving me the benefit of the doubt. If I take a step forward, they take a step further, then stare. Step. Stare. Step. Stare. We perform this dance in nature between human and beast. Another dance takes place above as a male cardinal chases a female from twig to twig. The flash of red catches my eye, red against the brown of winter.


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