Mushroom Collection Watercolor


I love painting mushrooms, but not eating them. I think they’re beautiful and fascinating and you can never predict exactly where you will find them. It’s always a surprise.
Here is a collection of some I found in the last month.


Chicken mushroom growing on tree trunk. This monster was huge! If I had to guess, it was 15″x8″.


This could be the early stages of shaggy parasol mushroom? Maybe? Maybe not.


This gang of mushrooms were in my backyard. Perhaps this could be lawn mower mushroom? I’m not sure. If anyone knows the proper terms, please chime in.

Look at the ground while walking and take notice, you may find some forest floor gems.


  1. I hated mushroom s … almosr as much as I hated blackp olives – thank god I discovered pizza … but seriously … I have a collection of pictures of various fungi I haven’t the gumption to try to paint. You’re inspiring me to take the plunge!

    1. It’s huge! And very soft. This one was pretty high up, about 6 feet from the ground. I always wondered why this spot and not below, above, to the side, or the next tree? Conditions must be perfect I guess.

    1. Thanks! I remember in my college biology class, anything relating to the human body was boring to me …. but oh boy! How fun it was to study plants or animals! I have a degree in art, but my goal is to get one in science. 😀

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