Rain and a Glimpse of Autumn Sketch


08-28-2016 (Sun)
Rain. Beautiful rain.

Straight down it was…no meandering, no skewing, no divergence, no wind. Tapping on leaves in trees creates a sound as if hundreds are clapping. My spirit is clapping.

I try to hear splashes in the puddles but cannot. The clapping overtakes the moment and I get lost in the mystery of His design.

And a few more leaves change colors.


  1. love, “my spirit is clapping.” will listen for that when I’m outdoors in the trees and especially when it’s raining. Come on rain! as always, thank you for your art. I look at your trees with prayers often!

  2. When you do these sketches, do you do any line drawing? I consider myself still new to watercolor and it’s difficult for me to just paint without a guide, so I was curious. I really look forward to your blog entries, thank you for sharing your thoughts and creativity.

    1. Thank you Shawn for taking the time to stop by and for your lovely comment. It is much appreciated. As for a line drawing before watercolors, I most defiantly do a light pencil sketch before I paint. I call it my “road map”. After the watercolors are dried, I erase the pencil lines. Sometimes they don’t erase completely and that’s okay by me. I think I have dome a few watercolors without a pencil sketch but the results are often unpredictable and I’m too much of a control freak. LOL
      Good luck with your painting adventures and no matter what……never stop, never give up!

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