Pumpkin Spider Watercolor

Marbled Orb-Weaver Watercolor

I couldn’t time this if I had tried…just days before Halloween.

My son and I went for a hike at a local forest preserve. He found this species trying to cross the path, a female marbled orb-weaver (aka pumpkin spider).
I wont lie. Spiders scare me….but isn’t she a beauty?!?

Right now in October, marbled orbweavers are on a very important mission: laying eggs in a silken cocoon. A cocoon can contain hundreds of eggs. Next spring, the immature spiders will emerge. Good luck little guys, sleep well this winter.

Marbled Orb-Weaver Photo

Aerial view.
Notice this female is missing a leg on her right side.

Marbled Orb-Weaver Profile

Profile view and photo I made the sketch from.

Happy hunting on your hikes! May you find all things big and small.


      1. Gene! I saw your exhibit at TInley Library. It’s beautiful! I love them all, but the pine tree is my favorite…also the bird and cross, and the egret. I also like the photography pieces sprinkled in as well. Nice job!! ๐Ÿ˜€

      2. I’m glad you found so many favorites … I wish I’d known fer sure that you were going to stop by … and when … and Celeste and I might have been able to meet you there … and gone out for coffee

  1. The Walk

    What you carry

    This beautiful burden

    Harvest hued

    Though etched deep with the scars

    Of your seasons

    Both intricate, yet organic

    This work of art


    For you and your son. There are never enough arms (legs) or time to hold them near. Blessings to you both and you walk His paths.


  2. I don’t like spiders either, but this one and your painting of it are wonderful! I like this one, this type.

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