Only by kayak

only by kayak

Only by kayak is how to see this view
So few will observe it
Except maybe for the great blue heron…the one I accidentally flushed away
It saw me a mile away
I didn’t fool anybody
I only grasped its presence when the graceful wings gave beat
Then it was too late
The speed boats, they race by
Too fast to savor life when they fly

by way of the kayak

The only sound comes from the water beating on the rocks. Shhhhhh, shhhhhh, shhhhh. Every wave having a voice. Some louder than others.

bailey’s point

I camped at Bailey’s Point Campground in Scottsville, Kentucky. It’s on a peninsula which jets out over Barren River Lake. This is one of the west facing rock walls. It’s such a gorgeous location.

so thankful

Happy summer everyone!
Make it last before the cold sets in!!


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