Each Tree for a Comfort

When I am melancholy, I paint a tree. When I am sad, I paint a tree. And when I’m longing, I paint a tree. I find myself painting them even when happy and content. They always seem to give me comfort. They’re my go to subject.

Perhaps it’s the fact that each has its own personality in the form of character, and completely changes season to season. They’re not loud, but calm. They shade you in the heat of summer and in winter uncover themselves bare. They can’t run away from you, they’re always present.

So after three days of silly arguing with my significant other, it was time to visit a tree. The latest one being in the bottom right-hand corner…an eastern redbud wearing its summer attire as it gracefully stands in the rain. Lovely.

I’m reminded of this quote:
“I will restore your health and heal your wounds,” declares the Lord.

Could it be that for some He uses trees?

Yes, I think so.


  1. Lovely post , I paint trees to for most any reason. They are unique like people.
    Thanks for your posts!

  2. Gorgeous trees! It’s wonderful to see all of these different and beautiful trees that you have created!

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