sun and warm in March – watercolor

From icy pellets of rain on windows to summer-like sun and warmth… ah March. It can’t make up its mind, but I can take advantage when it wants to play nice. And so I did at Barren River Lake in southern Kentucky.

Too early for leaves on the trees just yet. Any green seen in the distance is from evergreens… white pine and cedar seem popular around this area.

This area is across from the dam. You can climb or walk up a really high overlook with a gorgeous view of the lake. It was fun to see the kayakers and canoers…tiny little specks down below. And I soaked in the sun to get that natural vitamin D as I sketched. It’s healthy for my skin and soul.

Enjoy nature when you can, my friends!


  1. Hi Christine: I really appreciate your lovely paintings every month. Sorry I have not written before.I suffer with bad arthritis in my body and have a hard time painting right now, but I do keep trying. I keep looking for simple ones and yours seem to be just what I could do.
    Also thank you for the Bible verses, I love Jesus and love it when I find someone else I can share His love with.
    Would you tell me a good brush, again for me I would love to know a good paint brush that is easy for my painful hands. I do have some acrylic paints too, I just need some easy hold on to brushes that are easy to paint with.
    Thank you and May God bless you. Love in Him Jannie

    1. Hi Jannie! Sorry for the late reply. As for brushes, I buy watercolor brushes at Hobby Lobby. I usually buy them in a pack, but I’m sorry I do not know the names…I’ve looked on the brushes and there is no name. I do not buy expensive bushes, and I try to not buy the super cheap ones either because the bristles fall out. I know this probably is not helpful, but any mid-grade watercolor brush will do. I do not have any acrylic brushes.
      Thank you for your kind words about sharing faith. I love to share the hope I have in Jesus!
      God bless you too!

      1. Thank you Christine for your reply, I have one question, do you order your brushes on line.
        I live in Ontario Canada, and do not think we have a Hobby Lobby here, so it would be expensive for me to order from the U.S. that is were you live right?
        I am trying to paint the ones you have on your E-Mail I will send you a picture when I get done, my brush will have to do.
        Again May you be blessed as you start a new adventure, God will lead and guide you. Love Jannie 💖💖

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