Owl Pellet Sketch

Finally!!!! I FOUND them!!! Owl pellets. After years of knowing what to look for and searching diligently, I got them! Whoooo Hoooooo! Yessssssss. Owl pellets are regurgitated fur and bones. Owls cannot digest them. It's really not gross at all. If you have a cat, it's just like a hair ball. I collected 2.5 pellets. When I … Continue reading Owl Pellet Sketch


$30 Original Fine Art – Owl Eyes Drawing

Owl Eyes - graphite, conte, charcoal on gray paperTimes are tough, but that doesn't mean you can't afford original fine art! I'm going to do a series of small original pieces that the everyday person can collect. Art and music seem to suffer the most during trying times, but we can keep them alive!   "Owl … Continue reading $30 Original Fine Art – Owl Eyes Drawing

Sketch Class Results Feb 2011

02-26-2011 28°F Light snow, no wind We first hike the Black Oak Trail, to get our blood pumping and connect with nature. The heavy odor of burnt firewood hangs in the air. I do not know where the smell originates. Fresh snow makes identifying animal tracks a lot of fun. Three individual coyote tracks, traveling together, stays with us … Continue reading Sketch Class Results Feb 2011

Hike and Sketch at Bartel Grasslands

I heard through the Illinois Birding List, that if you visit the Bartel Grasslands after 3pm, your chances of seeing a short-eared owl over the field this time of year is pretty high. Well, that's all I needed! So yesterday I jumped in the car and headed out to the Bartel Grasslands for a hike. … Continue reading Hike and Sketch at Bartel Grasslands