$30 Original Fine Art – Owl Eyes Drawing

Owl Eyes - graphite, conte, charcoal on gray paperTimes are tough, but that doesn't mean you can't afford original fine art! I'm going to do a series of small original pieces that the everyday person can collect. Art and music seem to suffer the most during trying times, but we can keep them alive!   "Owl … Continue reading $30 Original Fine Art – Owl Eyes Drawing


Let’s Paint a Great Horned Owl!

Last month at the art fair, my hubby had the chance to take a picture of a great horned owl that was being displayed by a naturalist. How beautiful and majestic! Let's have some fun by trying something new.... We are going to paint the owl on velour paper. Velour paper feels like suede and … Continue reading Let’s Paint a Great Horned Owl!

Owl Moon Watercolor plus Sound

Keeping with the spirit of Halloween, I painted a spooky owl under crescent moon on a cold autumn night. And for a little fun, let's listen to him call.... (sound from CGEffex at http://www.freesound.org) Isn't nature fun?

Let’s Paint a Little Creek!

I am grateful on this Memorial Day that I can do what I wish in a free country. What I wish to do is hike where I want and paint what I love. I do not take that for granted! Today I am going to paint a little creek I found at Morton Arboretum . It … Continue reading Let’s Paint a Little Creek!