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No More Squirrels

My hubby bought me an early Christmas present. Weeeeee! It’s a squirrel buster feeder! Oh you’re going down now squirrels! DOWNNNNN Now I will have unlimited birding enjoyment for hours and hours and hours. My feeder will not be completely dumped within the first five minutes… Continue Reading “No More Squirrels”

Injured Squirrel (I didn’t do it)

Everybody knows I hate squirrels. I hate them because they clear out my bird feeder within 10 minutes of me filling it always. I especially hate them because my neighbor hand feeds them peanuts. Ohhh, let’s reward the little snots with a big juicy… Continue Reading “Injured Squirrel (I didn’t do it)”

Why Squirrels Must Go Extinct

just kidding….a little. Wipe that stupid look off your face before I wipe it for you! This mean squirrel ate 50% of the seeds from the bird feeder and then shoveled the other 50% on the ground where his partner in crime fed. They… Continue Reading “Why Squirrels Must Go Extinct”