Let’s Paint Storm Over Orland Grasslands!

Do you remember a few days ago when I caught an awesome picture of a passing storm over the Orland Grasslands? Well, because I love it so much and because I want to save that moment forever...Let's have fun by painting it! Here is our reference picture: Holy Lovely-ness! Pinch me, was this for real? … Continue reading Let’s Paint Storm Over Orland Grasslands!


Cloud and Tree Sketch

Just a happy sketch of what summer should be; perfect temperatures, puffy clouds, and a healthy green tree. This sketch was completely made up. I had some extra time but was tired of the same trees I have been sketching by work...so I made this one up!  The shape of the tree reminds me of … Continue reading Cloud and Tree Sketch

High Noon Summer Sketch

Determined to complete another lunch-time sketch, I headed out the door at exactly noon and went to work! Today was a beautiful warm day. Noon can be a challenge to paint, why? Think about it, where is the sun coming from? Directly overhead it radiates, so shadows are minimal and colors are bright, almost washed … Continue reading High Noon Summer Sketch

Let’s Paint a Savanna!

I have decided to join the group, Wilderness Painters of Chicago! It is a group of artists that meet at different locations once a month in the Chicago area, to do a little "en plein air" (in the open air) painting. How exciting! Anybody can join, there are no fees, and the people are super … Continue reading Let’s Paint a Savanna!