Mystery of a New Year

Here is my picture of the sky falling:

Sky falling? What?

Do you see that layer of fog developing on the cool ground?
Well, fog is actually just a collection of water vapor droplets touching the ground. Guess what? A cloud is a collection of water vapor droplets too!

So basically, fog is a cloud on the ground…the sky meets ground.

Cool huh?

It has inspired many artist, poets, and horror movie makers alike. Why?
The mystery…

You can’t recognize everything in a fog, what normal surroundings you were use to, now become foreign…like a different land. What lurks beyond that fog? The unknown.

What a fitting subject for 2009. We face the unknown. This last past year has been such a roller coaster with the economy, politics, and weather. It maybe a little scary. My wish is that you may find The faith of concrete substance that will carry you through…and not the faith of empty vapors.

Happy New Year


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