Mighty Oaks Watercolor Sketch

On the advice of a Dove Candy wrapper (sea salt caramel & dark chocolate), I got lost on purpose.... Swallows dance above Crabapple Lake. Even though it is an overcast day, I can still see their shadow on the surface of the lake as they swoop within an inch of the water. The wind pushes … Continue reading Mighty Oaks Watercolor Sketch


All Things Tiny Watercolor

93°F Hot Humid Journal Notes: I found a bench in the shade and it's ALL MINE. I claim it. A healthy breeze keeps me comfortable, despite the heat. A charm of American goldfinches keeps my spirits exceptionally high as I notice their hilly flight pattern above my head. Suddenly, a blasting car horn in the … Continue reading All Things Tiny Watercolor

Melting Snow at Crabapple Lake Watercolor

Crabapple Lake Morton Arboretum Lisle, IL The midday sun did its best to melt the snow, But only the hilltops relented, exposing green of grass. Did remaining snow call in clouds for help? Thaw on pause... For now. The day before Thanksgiving my workplace closed early, giving me the opportunity to steal some sketch time. … Continue reading Melting Snow at Crabapple Lake Watercolor

Let’s Paint Pines by a Lake!

The November landscape has inspired me to create a soft pastel painting. Do you want to paint one with me? OK! Here we go! First, here is the scene that inspired me (minus the rocks)... Now, before we begin, here is a sneak peak of all the steps in a time lapse... http://youtu.be/eShc-hoh-Oc?list=UURgqU7HKzSYjMssGtwkz82A Like it? … Continue reading Let’s Paint Pines by a Lake!

Lake Marmo Winter Tree Watercolor Sketch

An inviting bench next to a lonely tree...I accept. still gentle calm by a frozen snow topped lake the trees don't make a sound... contemplating their position recognizing that this again is winter... Now that winter has stripped the leaves clean it's time to really study the character and structure of trees. What makes them … Continue reading Lake Marmo Winter Tree Watercolor Sketch

Let’s Paint a Little Creek!

I am grateful on this Memorial Day that I can do what I wish in a free country. What I wish to do is hike where I want and paint what I love. I do not take that for granted! Today I am going to paint a little creek I found at Morton Arboretum . It … Continue reading Let’s Paint a Little Creek!