Henry Has a Boy!

Look at that!

Henry is hanging upside down to feed on a suet cake that is under the roof. Many of you may remember my Starling Bully problem….all starlings, no woodpecker. Shellmo gave me a great idea, she told me to buy this neat-o feeder because the starlings can’t hang upside down and won’t be interested in the suet.
She was right! Thanks Shellmo!

It did take two months for me to see a woodpecker actually use it, but then I noticed something else….
Henry brought a young male downy with him!!!
Henry’s a daddy!

Go Henry, go henry, you the man…

Here’s a bad photo, but you get the idea. Henry would take some suet, fly to the walnut tree and feed his son!
I am so proud of him!

Oh buy the way, I was looking through my window and the markings you see is cat snot.
Lots and lots of cat snot on my window.

Anyway, the first person to comment can name Henry and Stella’s son.
Good Luck!

Black Crowned Night Heron

Look who I found fishing at Lake Katherine!!! It’s my first Black Crowned Night Heron.
Here is an interesting note: Night herons are just like other herons except they feed at night. I took this picture at 5:30PM, so I guess he was having breakfast!


He was very polite and allowed me to watch him up close. I was surprised! He caught 3 small fish and swallowed them whole which left a large lump in his throat for a few seconds. It was fascinating to see.

Isn’t he handsome? Do you see that white line on his back? That is a really long feather attached to his head. So beautiful, it reminds me of hair. 

OK, maybe this isn’t the most appealing photo…poor Mr. Night Heron…..you look like a rubber chicken! I still like you though, especially your red eye!

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